Spiderbeam-Fibre glass mast 26m

26m Mast
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Gigantic fibre glass tower with 26m height!

Solid construction with low weight and only 2m transport length. The fibre glass tubes are black and UV resistant, wound with multiple layers and reinforment rings. The wall thickness is 2.mm on the lower end, and 1mm on the upper end.

Such a master open a whole new world of possibilities. How about a 160m vertical with top load? Or a fullsize vertical for 80m, or even a portable 4-Square for 80m? Or build a 1 element Quad loop for 40m!

The installation can be done by two persons in about one hour, with a little practice also faster. Included in the shipment are 14 rubber-padded clamps and three guying rings. Additionally you will need gyuing lines, e.g. our light 3mm Dyneema rope (Ref. 23100), plus material to fix the rope to the ground (ground pegs etc.).

Technical Data

Height 26m

Transport length 2m

Weight 18kg

Diameter lower end 108mm

Diameter upper end 4mm

Wall thickness lower end 2.5mm

Wall thickness upper end 1mm

Number of segments 15

Number of guying levels 3 (above 4., 7. and 11. segment)

Material Fibre glass, black, UV resistant, multilayer with reinforcements

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Technical Data
Weight [kg] 18.00 kgs
Retracted Length 2 m
Extended Length 26 m
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