Wifi 2.4GHz Sector antennas Dual Polarity

Wifi 2.4GHz Sector antennas Dual Polarity

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Dual-Polarity Sector antennas are intended for 802.11n MIMO systems and have two separate antenna systems with different polarisation, integrated into one housing. This results in multi-path radiation even in free space, from which 802.11n can profit and achieve a higher throughput.

Sector antennas are normally used to illuminate large halls, large yards etc.

The antennas have two N female connectors and are weatherproof, suitable for outdoor usw.
Technical Data
Weight [kg] 1.40 kgs
Size W x H x D 480 x 120 x 60 mm
Weatherproof Yes
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal c. 60
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical c. 14


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