RigExpert Analyser up to 30 MHZ for Arduino

RigExpert Analyser up to 30 MHZ for Arduino
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The AA-30.ZERO is a vector antenna analyser up to 30 MHz for integration into own hardware projects.

This board offers the same technical specifications as the AA-30 portable analyzer from RigExpert, except that it comes without housing, without display or other peripherals. The AA-30.ZERO can be used stand-alone, equipped with a serial interface only, or as an add-on board mounted on an Arduino and controlled by it. This makes it very easy to automate complex RF measurement tasks and integrate them into your own construction projects. The well-proven Antscope software from Rig Expert is available for data analysis, but of course you can also write your own applications, because the data protocol is open and easy to use (pure text protocol).

-ideas and possibilities of the AA-30.ZERO

-Impedance measurement for your own antenna tuner

-Precise measurement for tuneable antennas (SteppIR, Ultrabeam etc.)

-Automated remote measurements by combining the analyser with a Wifi module

-Automated production testing of HF equipment

-and much more

-Included in shipment

-AA-30.Zero Platine

-Single inline connector rows, solder

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Technical Data
Freq Range [MHz] 0.06 - 30
Output Power dBm +13dBm @ 50 Ω
Impedance (Ω) 25, 50, 75,100 Ohm
Max. Current Intake (A) 0.150
Supply Voltage 5V via USB
Size W x H x D 55 x 69 x 5 mm
Documentation Languages EN
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