Lightning protection 1000 MHz BNC Connect./Socket 200W

Surge Arrestor BNC male/BNC female
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Economy series without compromises on the electrical specs, not watertight. Available with various connectors, see table. Does not use exchangeable spare fuse elements, the complete system must be changed.

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Technical Data
Freq Range (kHz) 1000
Insertion Loss 500 MHz (dB) 0.1 - 0.2
Insertion Loss 1500 MHz (dB) 0.3
Insertion Loss 3000 MHz (dB) 0.4
Upper frequency limit (kHz) 1000
Max. Power 0-30 MHz (W) 200
Max. Power 500-1000 MHz (W) 200
Max. Power 30-500 MHz (W) 200
Breakthrough Voltage (V) 230
Connector B BNC Socket
Connector BNC m/f
Connector A BNC Plug
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