Bandpass filter 1,6-32 MHz

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Product description
Many SDR receivers try to operate entirely without filter at the input stage. This is ok as long as no good wide band antenan is used. As soon as you hook up the SDR to such an antenne - for example a good active antenna - then an input filter becomes a necessity. The bandpass filter suppresses unwanted signals on long and medium wave as well as signals on VHF (strong WFM Broadcast stations). With this filter the receiver input is relieved from handling very strong signals, the dynamic range of the SDR is much better used.

The bandpass filter has an attenuation of 50 dB or better below 1 MHz, and 30 dB or better above 32 and up to 1500 MHz. The filter has BNC connectors (male, female) which facilitates easy integration into existing systems. The impedance is 50 Ω. This filter is suitable for reception only.