MFJ-993B Automatic Antenna Tuner 300W

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The MFJ-993B is an automatic antenna tuner for coax- or parallel wire fed antennas. Integrated is a SWR and power meter, a switch for two antennas and a 4:1 balun. Impedance matching range is 6 to 1600 Ω from 1.8 to 30MHz. 2000 memory locations store once found settings, speeding up the tuning process when a frequency is later used again. Tuning starts automatically when transmit power is applied, manual tuning is also possible.

An analog meter shows SWR, further a LC display shows SWR, power, frequency and other information. Very useful for visually handicapped users is the acoustic feedback on SWR. Max. power load is 300W PEP SSB, 150W CW

The optional interface cable MFJ-5124I allow connecting the tuner to any Icom rig with the 4 pin tuner socket (e.g. IC-706, IC-7456Pro, IC-756Pro/2/3 and many more). Over this cable the tuner is controlled and supplied with power.

Equipment by Kenwood and Yaesu are connected with the cables MFJ-5124K (Kenwood) and MFJ-5124Y (Yaesu). Since these rigs require a somewhat more complex control the cables include an electronics component which makes them more expansive.

As an option a remote control MFJ-993RC is available for this tuner. This remote control allows the selection of the two antennas, manual tuning of L and C and of course the automatic tuning. Two LEDs show the status 'tuned' and 'hi SWR'. The MFJ-993RC comes with a 180cm long cable. This is a standard serial cable with 9 pin SubD male/female connectors. This cable can be extended to larger lengths. A maximum length is not specified by the manufacturer, but about 15 to 20m should be possible.
Technical Data
Max. Power 300
Max. Power (PEP) 300
Max. Power (CW) 150
Impedance Range (Ω) 6 - 1600
Freq Range MHz (MHz) 1.8 - 30
Current Intake (A) 1
Supply Voltage 12
Number of Memorie 2000
Remote Control capabilities yes
Acoustic SWR Warning yes
Size W x H x D (mm) 254 x 70 x 230