AL-705 Mag.Loop portable, 10-40m

AL-705 QRP Portable Loop 40-10m
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The AL-705 is a small and light magnetic loop antenna for 7-30 MHz. It was designed for the Icom IC-705, but of course it works with any other radio as well. Ideal for radio amateurs with space problems or for on the way on holiday or hiking. This very light loop antenna can be mounted without tools in just a few steps and can be tuned quickly and precisely via the rotary capacitor built into the base. The instrument of the radio set serves as SWR meter.

Like any loop antenna, the AL-705 is very narrow-band and insensitive to signals outside the band, so it acts quasi like a preselector. The antenna is completely independent of radial or ground conditions, can be set up anywhere at any time, e.g. on a camping chair: hold and tune the antenna with your left hand and operate the radio with your right. The pronounced zeros of the loop are very helpful to fade out QRM. In order to keep the very critical loop resistance of the loop low, the connections are designed as solid PL plugs and short-circuited inside, so the shield acts as a thick conductor.

Delivery including 3m coax cable, weight of the antenna approx. 1000 gram. The connecting cable is equipped with a BNC connector, so you can start with the IC-705 right after unpacking.

-Power 10W FM/AM, 20W SSB
-3m coax cable included
-Weight approx. 1000 grams


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Technical Data
Impedance Feeder (Ω) 50
Documentation Languages EN
Max. Power [W] 20 W
Supported Bands 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m
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