AMS-33 Ant.matrix 3x3 f. 0-150 MHz, PL

Antenna matrix 3x3
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The AMS-33 is an antenna cross bar switch (matrix switch) which allows you to connect any 3 antennas to any 3 radios. The operation is simple as it can get - with the push of a button all six possible combinations are stepped through. Another, seventh combination is available as "all off".

The AMS-33 is useable for transmit operations (not just reception) from DC to 150MHz. The max. power is 500W PEP at 30MHz. Insertion loss is 0.3dB at 50MHz and 0.9dB at 145MHz. Cross talk attenuation between outputs is at least 35dB at 145MHz.

The device comes in a solid aluminium case with rubber protection. The currently selected combination of antenna vs radio is shown in a LED matrix.

The antennas and radios are connected on the rear side with 6 PL connectors (female). Power supply requires 12V DC, a large wall power suppyl is included.

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