Mobile Antennas

Almost every radio amateur has an FM mobile radio in his car, either to talk to his OV colleagues while driving to and from work or to quickly find new contact in foreign regions. The mobile antenna poses a special challenge, because it is necessary to find a reasonable compromise between performance, appearance and mounting options. Long antennas have more power, but are often not as desired by the optics on the vehicle. Or the garage does not offer enough height ...

The following mounting methods are available. WiMo will be more than happy to help you choose the most suitable one for your requirements.

• Drill a hole and use N or PL base mounts

This is HF-wise and mechanically the best solution because these mounts have an excellent connection to ground. Mounting is possible on the fender or the roof. Disadvantage: Need to drill a hole, usually not possible with leased cars.

• Magnet base

Easy to install and remove, ideal for rental cars. The larger magnet mounts are suitable for larger antennas at higher speed, the triple-base even for HF antennas. Disadvantage: Ground coupling not optimal, can scratch the paint when treated improperly.

• Window mount

Also very easy to use and install. Disadvantage: Bad ground coupling, only 'radial-less' antennas should be used. Does not fit all windows.

• Glass mount antenna

Very practical if you don't want to drill a hole. Works very well, except on sun-shielding glass. Can be re-installed on a different car if required. Disadvantage: Smaller selection of radiators.

• Hatch or roof rail mount

A solid method to mount larger antenna on the trunk of the roof railing. Not the prettiest solution, but very sturdy. Might require an additional ground lead.

• Mount for trailer hitch

Solution for heavy and large antennas, suitable for long radiators. Eventually requires separate ground connection. Check the local regulations if use of such a mount is permitted while driving.


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