Yagi 2m / 9 El. Horizontal (PA144-9-5A)

YU1CF Yagi for the 2m band, 9 elements horizontal (PA144-9-5A)
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YU1CF 2m Yagi (144 MHz)


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Technical Data
Frequency Range 144-145 MHz
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Guying No
Number of connectors 1
Number of Elements 9
Polarisation Horizontal
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal 37°
Front/Back Ratio 145 MHz (dB) 32 dB
Boom Size 30 x 30 mm
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical 40.2°
Balun Included Yes, current balun
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Max. Power [W] 500 W
Boom length [cm] 500 cm
Supported Bands 2m
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