Yaesu ATAS-25 Portable Antenna 0.7/2/6/10/15/20/40m, 100W

Yaesu Portable Vertical Antenna ATAS-25
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Frequency range: 7/14/21/28/50/144/430MHz, Max Pwr input: HF/50MHz: 100W (SSB/CW), 50W (AM/FM), 144/430MHz: 50W (All mode) Height Max 2.2m, 0.6m for transporting * Weight: 930g. Supplied with radiating elements, radial elements for VHF/UHF, radial wires + spare radial wire, Allen key.

The ATAS-25 utilises a manual tuning system which resonates the radiating element for lowest SWR without the need for expensive mono-band resonating whip assemblies. It allows dual frequency operation on HF or 50MHz and either 2m or 70cm (duplexer not supplied). A very handy feature is that the ATAS-25 is designed to mount directly onto a standard camera tripod mount (not supplied) and makes up a portable antenna system ideal for tempory field operation but not recommended for long-term outdoor installation.

For some models, you may wish to purchase a diplexer or triplexer to avoid moving your cable from one antenna jack to another. When using the ATAS-25 with the FT-817, set Menu #07 to REAR for all bands.

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Technical Data
Supported Bands 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
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