Battery for Icom 3150 mAh

LiIon Battery 7.4V, 3150mAh for IC-705, ID-31E, ID-51E, ID-52E and others
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Replica of the Icom battery BP-307, voltage 7.4V, capacity 3150 mAh. With the IC-705, you have to apply a little pressure when inserting this battery so that it locks into place. This is no problem, but it is a little unusual.

The larger battery offers a much longer runtime of the device - which means more fun, more connections and also more safety on the road!

Suitable for:

  • IC-705
  • ID-31E
  • ID-51E (all models)
  • ID-52E
  • IP-100H
  • IP-501H
  • IP-503H

Suitable chargers are (among others):

  • BC-202IP2
  • BC-202IP3L
  • VE-SP1

Comparision of the BP-271 and BP-307.01 in a IC-705


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Technical Data
Weight [kg] 0.14 kgs
Voltage [V] 7.4
Battery Type Li-Ion
Capacity [mAh] 3150
Suitable for IC-705, ID-31E, ID-51E, ID-51EPLUS2, IP-100H, IP-501H, IP-503H
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