Pigtail IPEX (aka U.FL®) plug/open on one side, 50cm RG-316

RG-316 Kabel, 50cm, one side open
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IPEX-, aka U.FL®- connectors are use for many Routers and UMTS/3g cards. 'U.FL'® is the registered trade mark of Hirose, IPEX is the generic name.

IPEX/U.FL® connectors require a very special crimp tool which usually is not available easily. So we offer only pre configured pigtails with these connectors.

We also offer custom made coaxial cables, please see here.

Further we offer two pigtails with U.FL as semi-finished products. We can offer custom made cables with various connectors (depending on cable type).

For 1.37 mm cable we offer:

  • N panel mount jack (ref. 42210.137)

  • RP-TNC panel mount jack (ref. 42407.137REV)

  • SMA panel mount jack (ref. 42906.137)

  • RP-SMA panel mount jack (ref. 42906.137REV)

For RG-316 we can offer nearly all usual connectors.

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Technical Data
Cable Length [m] 0.5m
Connector B Open End
Connector A IPEX (U.FL) Plug
Connectors on Cable IPEX (U.FL) Plug, Open End
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