Chameleon Group spike 3/8" 'Spike Mount'


Ground spike (peg) with 3/8" internal thread, for mounting antenna systems on the ground, with additional screw for counterweight.

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The Chameleon 'Spike Mount' is a resourceful addition to many antenna systems. It is a ground spike with a 3/8" threaded socket. In addition, a wire radial can be screwed on as a counterweight.

The 'Spike Mount' is made of stainless steel and very robust. The 3/8" socket serves as a mount for carrier systems from Chameleon and other manufacturers, for example for the Chameleon balun 'Hybrid Mini' or 'Hybrid Micro' or other mounts with 3/8" thread. Since the grounding via the spike is usually not sufficient as a counterweight for a shortwave antenna, a wire radial can be attached to the side of the head of the spike mount with a knurled screw. This gives the antenna system both a mechanical mount and a convenient connection for the counterweight. Length 38 cm, weight approx. 500 g.


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