Diamond cable to radio, 150cm, PL male

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Diamond Japan has introduced a new system for their cables which are used for the antenna mounts. With these products each cable is a kit of two separate pieces which are connected by a specialized, high quality connector. This system has several advantages:

  • Connector type (PL or N) freely selectable on each side

  • Larger choice on total length

  • Larger choice of slit between thin and thick cable part

  • When changing the antenna or radio you only need to change on side of the cabe (if at all).

So, to use the above mentioned antenna mounts (K-400 etc.), please select two cable items: first a thin SLM-xx oder SLN-xx cable with 3mm Ø which has the socket for installation in the mount, and which leads into the inside of the vehicle; secondly the thicker DQM-xx or DQN-xx cable with 7mm Ø, which leads to the radio. To keep the attenuation as low as possible, please select the outer (thinner) cable length as short as possible, and the inside (thicker) cable length as long as necessary. This results in a good compromise between attenuation and good match for your vehicle.

  • SLM: thin cable on the outside with PL socket

  • SLN: thin cable on the outside with N socket

  • DQM: thick cable on the inside with PL plug

  • DQN: thick cable on the inside with N plug

  • DQSM: thick cable for the inside with SMA plug

  • DQSMF: thick cable for the inside with SMA female

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Length [m] 150 cm
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