DVMEGA-CAST Digital Voice Console

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Digital Voice Client as Desktop Device

The DVmega CAST is a desktop unit with a built-in mini-computer and an AMBE+2™ vocoder chip. So you get a standalone device to participate in D-Star, DMR and C4FM networks, without using a radio, without big PC. This is very handy to stay reachable even outside the radio range of a DV repeater. Optionally, the DVmega CAST can be equipped with a HF module (VHF or VHF/UHF Dualband). This turns the network client into a fully-fledged digital voice hotspot.

The DVMEGA Cast is based on a Raspberry Pi Nano single board computer. The AMBE+2 Vocoder sits on its own board and is controlled by the computer, using the well-known "Pi-Star" Hotspot software. The network connection can be made either via cable (Ethernet) or via WLAN. A touch display shows the operating status and allows the control of the Pi-Star DV hotspot. An additional knob is provided for convenient and fast operation. The configuration is done via the web interface of the Pi-Star software.

A microphone jack is available on the front panel. Here the developer has provided a Yaesu-compatible mic connector, for example for the MH-48A6J, where DTMF keys can also be used. Furthermore a 3W audio amplifier is built in, the front loudspeaker offers a good fidelity of the decoded NF. Alternatively, headphones can also be connected.

A special feature of the DVMEGA Cast is the possibility to register the device with the developer. Apart from an e-mail address and the serial number of the device, no personal data is recorded. With the registration the update procedure of the used Pi-Star software is much simplified, the operator receives information in time, as soon as a new version is available. However, operation is also possible without registration. Apart from version control, no other data is transmitted to the manufacturer.

Optionally, a DVMEGA Raspberry HF module, either the 70cm mono-band module or the VHF/UHF dual-band module, can be built into the housing. Thus the 'CAST' becomes a full-fledged hotspot via which, for example, the respective network - DMR, D-Star or C4FM - can be accessed with a handheld radio. The housing already provides corresponding cut-outs, a commercially available ribbon cable is required for installation. The DVMEGA Cast requires a supply voltage of 12V, approx. 1A for operation. A power supply unit is not included in the scope of delivery.

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