FTA-450L Airband radio

Handheld airband COM transceiver with large display, powerful speaker, programmable via Computer. Button for direct access to emergency frequency.
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The airband radio FTA-450L is an ideal companion for pilots and flying sports fans. This radio allows communication and navigation in the airband with up to 5 W transmit power. The clear menu system allows a fast and easy operation of the radio, 200 memory channels are provided to organize your most frequently used frequencies. Each memory channel can be named with a 15 character alpha-numeric name. The solid keyboard allows fast frequency selection and also offers direct access to the emergency frequency on 121.5 MHz.

Included in the shipment is a USB programming cable. This allows, in conjunction with the freely downloadable software YCE01, very easy management of all settings and memory channels.

The FTA-450L airband radio provides many more convenience functions which make daily use much easier. The large LC display and the keyboard are backlit, the illumination level can be dimmed to be useable at night as well. The case is waterproof according to protection level IPX5. The audio output is powerful enough to be understood even in noisy environments. Accessories are includet to make the airband radio easy to use.

The FTA-450L focusses on the pure COM functions (two-way voice communication) at a very competitive price. Due to the easy manu system the operation is as easy as with the other devices with more functions. The powerful 800mW audio outpuit ensures good intelligibility, the same 200 memory channels are available as well as 25 and 8 kHz channel separation. Includes is the same rich set of accessories like various power supply options, programming cable, headset adaptor etc.

Included in delivery FTA-450L:

  • Radio
  • Equipment antenna BNC
  • Rech. Battery SBR-12LI (7.4V, 1800mAh)
  • Case for 6 AA size batteries
  • Belt clip
  • Adaptor SCU-15 to 6.3 mm (PJ-055) & 5.23 mm (PJ-068) for aviation headsets
  • Charger cable for cigar lighter
  • USB data cable A/Micro-B
  • Wall charger SAD-11C
  • Desktop charger SBH-11
  • User Manual

[1] An antenna with BNC conector is provided.

[2] A charging adaptor SDD-12 for connection to a cigar lighter is provided.

[3] A tray SBT-12 for 6 alkaline AA size batteries is provided.


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