LogPer antenna 130-1300 MHz

FULL Logper. Antenne 130-1300 MHz
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Log Per Antenna, model "FULL", frequency range 130 - 1300 MHz

Logarithmic-periodic antennas are directional antennas with very wide bandwidth at medium gain. They are suitable for applications where high frequency agility is required, for example in scanners or broadband monitoring tasks.

The model "Full" covers the frequency range from 130 to 1300 MHz, in the amateur radio bands 2m, 70cm and 23cm the SWR is 2:0 or better, so this antenna can also be used for transmitting.

Solid construction, boom and elements aluminium, complete with mast clamp for horizontal mounting. Connection N-socket. A german mounting instruction is included,


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Technical Data
Weight [kg] 2.00 kgs
Number of Elements 24
Return Loss (dB) 16.0000
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical 103
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal 61
ANtenna Type Log.Per.
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Gain 432 MHz [dBi] 6
Gain 1296 MHz [dBi] 8
Gain 144 MHz [dBi] 4
Boom length [cm] 200 cm
Supported Bands 2m, 70cm, 23cm