FUNcube SDR Rx

Ultra-compact wideband SDR-receiver with continous reception from LW - UHF for Windows, MacOS and Linux
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The FUNcube SDR USB Dongle Pro Plus is an SDR (Software defined radio) receiver built as a USB stick. The receiver covers a frequency range of 150 kHz to 1900 MHz and can display/receive a spectrum of up to 192 kHz.

The FUNcube SDR receiver was developed to support the FUNcube satellite project of AMSAT-UK. This project is intended fo schools and pupils, who have the requirement for a very cost effective receiver. So Howard, G6LVB set out and developed the FUNcube SDR USB dongle!

FUNcube SDR receiver can be used to receive practically any signals on VHF and UHF: NFM, AM, SSB, CW, Data - whatever the software supports. And suitable software is available in many forms, most of them freely available on the internet: Linrad, Moetronix SpectraVue, Rocky, M0KGK and many others. The FUNcube SDR stick behaves like a soundcard towards the computer. The required drivers are already available with most operating systems like Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), but Linux and Mac OS X is also possible.

The Funcube SDR-Pro Plus is a complete redesign. The new version of the FCD has also more than twice as many parts (240 discrete components). To bring this amount of components under the board is now a six-layer design (the original FCD was only two-sided). The components to be soldered on both sides of the circuit board. There are no fewer than eleven discrete front-end preselection, including some SAW filter specifically for 2m and 70cm amateur bands.

To start using the FUNcube SDR dongle, the firmware (the software on the dongle itself) must be updated. This requires the download of the appropiate Windows software from the developers website and installation of the latest firmware. So, a little bit of computer work is required before the FUNcube SDR can be operated. Further a coarse frequency alignment is recommended. How this is done is described in detail in this english document (funcube_setup.pdf) (PDF, EN, 2.8MB).

The FUNcube SDR USB dongle has a female SMA connector for the antenna and works on any computer with a USB 2.0 interface, operating system see above. The sensitivity on 2m and 70cm is approx. 0.15µV. It is recommended to use an USB extension cable to get away from noise from the computer.

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Technical Data
Freq Range [MHz] 0.15 - 1900 MHz
Supply Voltage 5V (via USB)
Antenna Connector SMA