Hari G5RV Dipole 40m-10m, Balun

Hari G5RV Dipole 40m-10m, Balun

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Clever antenna for all bands 80 to 10m (or 40 to 10m, or 160 to 10m), consist of a 31m long dipole which is fed with a 10m long parallel feed line. At the end of the parallel feed any length of coax can be used (balun version required).

SWR on amateur bands is between 1:1 and 1:4, so a tuner is required. The internal tuners of many radios are usually sufficient. Works with reduced efficiency also on WARC bands.

Max. power load 1KW SSB/CW, come complete with parallel wire fed, PVBC coated antenna wire.

If you have the space the G5RV (40m or 80m version) can be used in conjunction with our fibre glass mast 18330. Just hang one side (the hot side) of the antenna down that mast, the other (cold) side is used as a radial. The ladder feedline is also fed sideways, like a second radial.

Very widespread and versatile antennas consisting of a dipole, which is fed via an intermediate piece of parallel wire. At the end of the 450 Ω parallel wire, any length of 50Ω coaxial cable can be connected. The SWR is between 1:1 and 1:4, so a tuner is usually required. The antenna tuners installed in the radios are usually sufficient for the impedance range, so that usually no additional tuner is necessary. On the WARC bands, the antenna can of course also be tuned via a tuner, although higher impedances are to be expected. The antennas can also be mounted bent if space is limited, or the ends of the legs can be angled downwards. The parallel wire should hang freely if possible.

Max. power is 1000 W SSB/CW, ships complete with 450 Ω parallel wire and encapsulated PL-connector or balun, 3mm antenna wire, plastic coated.

The 40-10m G5RV (also the 80-10m version, for those who have enough space) can be used in connection with a fiberglass mast No. 1833x also very well as a 7- (8) band vertical antenna. One leg is led up to the top of the mast. The other 'cold' half of the dipole is braced diagonally to the side as a radial and the parallel wire is braced like a second radial to the other side.

On the models without balun, there is a simple adaptor piece to PL socket at the end of the parallel wire line, so a coaxial cable with PL plug can be connected directly. On the models with balun, this adaptor piece is a 1:1 current balun, i.e. this balun provides for a cleaner symmetry and also serves as a choke.

The ZS6BKW type antenna is a version of the G5RV optimized by Brian Austin G0GSF (ex ZS6BKW). With a detailed analysis of the lengths and the transformation of the parallel wire line we tried to improve the adaptation in most bands. This made both the antenna and the parallel wire a bit shorter and might fit in even more gardens. The better adjustment reduces the need for tuning with the tuner and thus the losses.

Technical Data
Weight [kg] 1.10 kgs
ANtenna Type G5RV
Length of feedline [m] 4.8 m
Connector PL-Buchse
Max. Power [W] 1000 W
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Length [m] 16 m
Supported Bands 10m


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