Diamond HFV-40 Rotary Dipol Monoband 40m


Diamond HFV-40 Rotary Dipol 40m

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The HFV-40 is a compact rotary dipole for 40m, as usual built in the excellent manufacturing quality by Diamond. The antenna is designed as a shortened dipole. Due to the precise aligment possibilities of the dipole the minimum SWR position can be tuned very effectively to the required band portion. As with all shortened antennas the useable bandwidth is limited, you have to re-align the antenna when changing the operating frequency. The useable bandwidth without tuner is approx. 30 kHz on 40m.

The small packing size of only 102cm makes the HFV-40 also suitable as a vacation antenna or for portable fieldday operations. Installed, the dipole has a length of approx. 460cm. Due to to the V shape of the antenna the turning radius is only 165cm. The weight of the antenna is only 2.3 kg, the connector is PL type, a cable is not included. The included mast clamp is suitable for masts from 30 to 62mm diameter.

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Technical Data
Length [m] 460 cm
Supported Bands 40m