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The manufactuer Heil Sound has equipped this microphone with two switchable microphone elements: the HC-4x and the HC-5c. The mic elements are housed in an acoustically designed chamber to achieve certain modulation characteristics. The selection between the two microphones is done with as toggleswitch, a PTT push button is also provided. The connector is a 4-pin XLR type, you need a CC-1-x-x cable for operation.

The HC-4x microphone capsule generates the well known, distinctive modulation which is highly suitable for DX contacts and efficient QSOs during a contest. The all-important center at 2500 Hz is raised by about 10 dB, the lows are cut off at 600 Hz, the highs at 6 kHz (3 dB range). This does not result in a 'nice' modulation, but one which has the right punch to cut throug the noise and QRM.

In contrast, the HC-5x microphone capsule offers a round and rich modulation which is much preferable for the chat QSO with old and new friends. The center at 2500 Hz is raised only by 6 dB, low cut-off is at 300 Hz, high cut-off at 8 kHz (3 dB range). The results in a pleasing modulation which can be used on older and current transceivers for the everyday contacts.

Both microphone capsules are of dynamic type, they do not require a supply voltage. For transceivers which provide a supply voltage for electret microphones, a blocking capacitor must be used in the adaptor plug. The impedance of both microphones is 600 Ohm. The weight of the HM-10XD is approx. 250 g, included in shipment is a microphone clip and a foam windscreen.

Optionally you might need:

  • a Heil adaptor cable CC-1-x-x suitable for your radio

  • Microphone support, Shock Mount, PTT etc. see Heil Microphone Accessories

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