K-75 Fittings f. MV-75 Fibre glass mast

K-75 mechanical fitting kit for MV-75, consisting of an Aluminum head for antenna installation, mast base plate, guying ring, guying rope and pegs.
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Compared to the light weight 'fishing rods' this mast is suitable for the installation of short wave or V/UHF beams up to 12 Kg weight or heavy wire antennas (e.g. inverted vees, delta loops etc.). The mast works for stationary applications like replacement of wooden towers and for insulated installation of wire antennas; the mast is also suited for portable use durind DXpeditions or just for the weekend QTH.

The masts are made of black ultra violet resistant fiber glass telescopic pipes of 1.5m length and 60mm diameter; they are much more rigid than compared to the well know aluminum masts. The masts are available in various lengths up to 12m togther with the required fittings.

The basic model MV-75 has a length of 7.5m and can be set-up by a single person within 10 minutes. The mast is rotatable while guyed and has a total weight of 12 Kg incl. the mechanical fittings K-75; the maximum allowable wind speed is rated at 130km/h.

By means of three additional sections the mast can be extended up to 12m. An appropriate guying rope is available for the extension to 12m.

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