antenna tuner unsymm. 30W, for FT-817/818


mAT-10 Automatic antenna tuner with battery, max. 30W, with control cable for Yaesu FT-817/FT-818

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The mAT-10 tuner is a very compact tuner for QRP devices such as the FT-817/818. The maximum permissible transmission power is 30 W SSB PEP. The power supply is provided by two built-in LiIon batteries (type 10440), which makes the tuner a good companion for portable operations with the FT-817 or FT-818. A charger is included. The control is done via a supplied cable (8-pin MiniDIN) which is connected to the ACC connector of the FT-817/818.

Operation is via a button on the tuner. By the direct coupling between tuner and transceiver the so-called "One Touch Tune" becomes possible - the tuner switches the operating mode to CW and reduces the power, tunes and then automatically switches back to the previously set operating mode and transmission power. This makes the tuning process very comfortable. As with all mAT tuners, a tuning once found is stored in one of 16000 memories, depending on the frequency. If returning to the same frequency later, the data is read from the memory, the tuning process takes place in approx. 0.2 seconds. Due to the use of bi-stable latch relays, which keep their state without power, the power consumption is extremely low. The tuner can be switched to a bypass mode if the antenna does not require tuning on a certain band. The connectors are two BNC sockets.

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