antenna tuner unsymm./symm., max 120W, for Icom/Kenwood


mAT-180H Automatic Tuner max. 120W, Icom/Kenwood

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The mAT-180H is a tuner especially designed for Icom and Kenwood radios. It can be operated on all radios of these manufacturers which are equipped with the corresponding tuner socket. A tuning cable for Icom is included, a cable for Kenwood is optionally available. Also wire antennas or an antenna fed with  twin-lead cable can be connected. The max. permissible transmission power is 120 W PEP, for RTTY and other continuous wave modes approx. 30 W.

The control cable usually triggers the operation via the "Tune" or "AT" button on the transceiver. The tune process is performed automatically, including reducing the transmit power, switching to CW and back. Additionally there is the possibility to tune the tuner (L and C) manually. The mAT-180H tuner stores tuning settings for each frequency in a memory. There are 16000 memory locations available for this purpose. If a known frequency is used again, the setting is read from the memory and the tuning process is completed in less than 0.2 seconds. If a new frequency is used or if a new frequency is to be tuned (and stored), the process takes max. 5 seconds. The tuner can also be switched to a bypass mode via the front key if the antenna does not require any adjustment on a certain band. The tuning range covers an impedance range of approx. 5 to 1500 Ohm, which is much more than the usual built-in tuners can handle.

Power is supplied via the control cable from the transceiver.

Included in shipment

  • mAT-180H Tuner
  • mAT-CI Control Cable Icom

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