Kenwood MC-60A Table Microphone 8pin

Kenwood MC-60A Table Microphone 8pin

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The MC-60A has been a popular Kenwood table microphone for many years. It can be used with many Kenwood transceivers, with the MJ-88 adapter also with many FM mobile transceivers. The heavy foot provides a solid stand on the table. The base has integrated buttons for "Up" and "Down" (can only be used with certain transceivers), as well as a wide PTT button. The PTT can also be locked. The spiral cable has a round, 8-pin microphone plug that can be used directly with almost all Kenwood transceivers.

The MC-60A microphone uses a dynamic microphone capsule. The impedance can be switched between 500 Ω and 50 kΩ. A switchable preamplifier is integrated in the base, which requires two AA-Mignon batteries for operation. With the preamplifier, the microphone can also be used on older transceivers; with newer devices, the VV is usually not necessary. The transmitted frequency range without preamplifier is 150 to 10000 Hz and with VV about 200 to 7000 Hz.

Technical Data
Suitable for TS-2000


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