MFJ-207 SWR-Analyzer 1,8-30 MHz

MFJ SWR-Analyzer 1.8-30 MHz
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The MFJ-207 10-160 Meter Antenna SWR Analyzer gives you a direct readout of your antenna's SWR without the need for formulas or indirect readings. The MFJ-207 can also be used to adjust a tuner to match your antenna without the need for transmitting. The frequency coverage for the MFJ-207 is approximately from 1.75 MHz to 30 MHz in five bands. This provides a very smooth reading of SWR at high frequencies. The coverage for each band may slightly vary from the coverage labled on the cover. The bands and coverage are:

-BAND A: 1.75 - 3.00 MHz

-BAND B: 3.00 - 5.00 MHz

-BAND C: 6.50 - 11.70 MHz

-BAND D: 11.65 - 20.00 MHz

-BAND E: 18.00 - 30.00 MHz

It has a jack for an external frequency counter. The MFJ-207 uses a 9V battery or external EDC 12V. It measures 19H x 6.5W x 5.7D cm.

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