MFJ-464 Morse-Decoder w/ CW keyer

MFJ-464 Morse-Decoder w/ CW keyer

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Morse decoder and keyer in one small box. The MFJ-464 uses the same decoder as the MFJ-461. Additionally to the decoder it offers a morse keyer to which you can connect either a paddle, a keyboard or a computer. The sent morse characters are displayed on a two line LC display, speed and volume are regulated by control on the front.

  • Decode and key with speeds from 5 to 99 WPM
  • Automatic speed recognition when decoding
  • Large, two line LC display
  • Connections for single or double paddle, or computer keyboard
  • Controls for speed and volume on the front side, easily accessible
  • Four memories for CW text
  • Write-ahead buffer
  • Read buffer
  • Adjustable character weighting
  • Loudspeaker for sidetone
  • requires 12V power supply


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