OMNI-A0069 Omni-dir. antenna GSM/DECT/UMTS/LTE, N

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Omni directional antenna with cable. Suitable for all mobile telephone services like GSM 900, DECT and UMTS/3G, supports all transmission services like GPRS, EDGA and HSDPA/HSUPA. Gain ranges from 4.6 to 6.3dBi, depending on frequency, usable frequency ranges 860-960 and 1710 to 2190MHz. Includes mounting bracket for mast (max 50mm diameter) or wall installation. Connector N female. Height 500mm, diameter 50mm.

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Technical Data
Supported Bands 450 MHz (LTE/4G), 700 MHz (LTE/4G), 800 MHz (LTE/4G), 868 MHz, 900 MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (DCS), 1900 MHz (DECT), 2100 MHz (LTE/4G), Wifi 2.4 GHz, 2600 MHz (LTE/4G)
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