How to order

Buying options: 

  • Online orders, here on this site, 24hrs a day 
  • Phone (+49 7276 96680), during our business_hours 
  • Fax (+49 7276 966811), 24 hrs a day, conveniently with our order_form. 
  • EMail to <link> 24 hrs a day
  • In Person in our shop in Herxheim, during business_hours, we are looking forward to your visit.
  • Snailmail: a letter to our mailing adress (see Contact_details), why not use our order_form?
  • Send order to one of our dealers outside Germany, see list_below.

By phone and in our shop we are happy to consult you with your purchases. If some questions come up with Fax- or online orders we might need to contact you. So please always state a valid EMail adress or phone number.

Incoming orders (Online Shop, Fax, EMail) are permanently checked, latest the next morning on a working day. At certain times you have to expect further delays, especially before vacations, trade shows, public holidays etc. An order confirmation is usually not sent.