PMM 9/2.8 light pneumatic mast 9m

PMM 9/2.8 light pneumatic mast 9m

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Fast raising and lowering, comfortable Masts for antennas and other payloads (e.g. Floodlights, Cameras, Anemometer, Microphones etc.).

These masts are made of concentric sections of anodized aluminium, equipped with a lock against rotation. The top section is terminated with a large flange which allows installation of various payloads. The fucntional principle is the reverse of an air pump for your bicycle: if you put pressurised air into the nozzle of the pump, the handle extends due to the internal pressure.

The compressor required to extend the mast is not included in shipment; but you can use any other existing compressor our source of pressurized air as well (e.g. the pressurized air of a truck brake).

The mast is operated (extended or lowered) by a three-position valve: Raise/Hold/Lower.

When one section of the mast is fully extended it locks into the next section. This locking ensures that the mast is held extended even when the pressurised air is removed. The mast can even be locked in different heights by not extending all sections. To lower the mast just pull the release handle on the lowest section, the uppersections will lower themselves gently. Then pull the handle of the next section ow in reach, lower this, and so on...

For installation on level surfaces the mast comes equipped with a solid tripod. This tripod allows adjustments for slopes with some inclination. This tripod must be fixed to ground, even for masts marked as "self supporting, no guying required". Alternatively mast clamps for installation on a wall or vehicle are available.

Currently we offer two different models.

The lighter model is intended to be used with guy wires. The max. allowed wind load cannot be specified on this model, because that's depending on the type of guying.

The technical data for model PMM 10/2.9 is valid for self supporting installation (no guying). Calculating with a wind speed of 120km/h a bending of up to 66cm is to be expected. So it is recommend to use guying with this mast as well, which would also increase tha maximum allowed payload surface.

PMM 10/2.9 PMM 9/2.8 PMM 6/2.3
self supporting with guying both
Length extended 10 9 6 m
Length retracted 2.86 2.50 2.35 m
Weight 77 37 40 Kg
Payload weight max. 100 30 50 Kg
Max. Antenna surface
not guyed
1.18 @ 90km/h
0.53 @ 120km/h
see text see text
Number of sections 5 5 3
Diameter lowermost tube 160 98 118 mm
Diameter uppermost tube 82 36 82 mm
Length of tripod beam (Radius) ca. 152 ca. 152 ca. 152 cm
Order No. 38300 38310 38320
Technical Data
Weight [kg] 37.00 kgs


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