Kenwood TS-890S

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The excellent user interface of the TS-890S is based on Kenwood's 70 years of experience. Even complex functions are easy to operate, thanks to the large 7" display with softkeys and numerous classic controls. The hunt for the rare DX station is made much easier by quickly accessible split settings. Built-in decoders for telegraphy, RTTY and PSK31/63 are available, and if you connect a USB keyboard you can also use these modes without a computer on the transmitter side. For each operating mode, three different IF filter widths can be quickly switched via a separate button. And if you miss a second VFO knob you can connect your existing TS-590S (after a firmware update) as a second receiver to the TS-890S! Many rear ports are available for external devices, including a USB interface that provides a complete sound card interface (CAT control, audio input/output). The same functions are also available on the LAN connection (Ethernet). Thus, the TS-890S can also be used as a remote station without a computer provided. This simplifies station setup considerably and also reduces power consumption! The internal 1 GB memory of the transceiver is available for recording a received signal, but you can also use a USB stick as external memory.

Kenwood TS-890S Features

  • All shortwave bands incl. 60m, + 6m + 4m
  • Exceptional strong large signal handling capabilities by H mode mixer and low phase noise LO
  • Large 7 inch LC display, partially with touch function
  • 4 selectable roofing filters from 15 kHz to 500 Hz
  • Optional fifth roofing filter with 270 Hz available
  • Independant Digital receiver for fast and wide waterfall display
  • Super fast IF DSP for accurate control of the AGC loop
  • Many AF filter options like Notch, Peak, noise reduction, noise blanker and much more
  • Solid PA with 100W output power for frequencies up to 54 MHz, 50W on 70 MHz
  • Built-in automatic tuner 16.7 – 150 Ω
  • Built-in TCXO with ± 0.1 ppm stability
  • Built-in CW decoder, transmit with external USB keyboard, or with built-in keyer for straight or paddle key
  • Built-in RTTY and PSK-31/PSK-63 decoder, transmit with external USB keyboard
  • Digimode interface via USB port and LAN interface
  • Remote control capability via LAN interface
  • Free ARCP-890 Software for remote control
  • 1GB of memory for up to 9 hours recording of a received signal, een more with an external USB memory stick
  • 120 memories for often used frequencies
  • Three programmable function keys
  • Voice annoucnements capability built-in
  • DVI-I connector for external screen
  • and much more…

Included in shipment

  • TS-890S Transceiver
  • MC-43S Handheld microphone
  • Power cable for 13.8V power supply
  • Various conectors (7p DIN, 13p DIN)
  • Variosu spare fuses
  • User manual
Technical Data
Supported Bands 4m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 160m