Signal detector digital+analog signals up to 2800 MHz

SC-1 Frequenzzähler für digitale und ana
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In contrast to the devices show nabove the SC-1 also detects digital, pulsed signals like DECT- or GSM-phones, WiFI (Wireless LAN) or other digital signals. NB: This device just shows the frequency of the detected signals, actual decoding is not possible.

  • Frequency range selectable: 30MHz to 1GHz or 500MHz to 2.8GHz

  • 7-digit LC Display

  • Bargraph for relative signal strength

  • Minimale pulse width 250 micro seconds for digital signals
  • Hold button

  • Adjustable sensitivity level (squelch)

  • Removeable antenna (BNC jack)

  • Rechargeable batteries built in

  • Wall charger (230V) supplied

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