Paradan Safety Antenna Relay f. coax cable

Paradan Antenna Disconnect Relay, coaxial cable
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'Antenna Disconnect', manufactured by Paradan (USA) is a security relay for coaxial antenna cables. As soon as the station is powered down, the antenna is completely insulated from the radio. No more unscrewing of the coax connectors when a thunderstorm comes up.

Especially for remote operated stations this is a critical feature, which can save the entire radio station.

The Antenna Disconnect not only cuts the center conductor of the coax line, but also the outer shield. The antenna side of the relay is permanently connected to an over voltage protection, which cuts voltage surges all thetime, even when operating. The relay is activated from a switched auxiliary power output of theradio. As soon as the transceiver is switched on, the antenna becomes conencted to the radio. Or, if no such aux ouitput is available, the relay is using the same power supply as the radio. As soon as the commnon power supply is turned off, the entire station is powered down and tne antenna is disconnected.

The insertion loss of the Antenna Disconnect relay is just 0.05 dB at 29 MHz. Even on 144 MHz it's just 1 dB. The max. power rating is 1500 W. A green LED shows the operating state of the relay. The switching voltage is supplied by a two wire DC able with Cinch connector.

  • Features
  • Metal enclosure, black
  • PL socket or two screw terminals (antenna)
  • PL socket or two screw terminals (radio) isolated
  • Green LED Operating Indicator
  • 2 pcs 15A relays with protection diode
  • Two wire control wire with Cinch (RCA) connector
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Large grounding screw terminal


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Connector B PL Socket
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