Kenwood TH-D72E

VHF/UHF handheld FM transceiver with built in TNC, GPS, 2 independant receivers and monochrome display. Allows APRS and packet without a time-intensive setup.
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The Kenwood handheld radio offers a huge number of functions for the ambitious radio amateur: First and foremost it's a richly equipped dual band radio for 2m and 70cm. With up to 5W TX power (0.5 and 0.05W selectable) and a good receiver it offers good coverage. Up to 1000 memories with many scanner functions offer all a radio amateur could ask for. The radio also offers CTCSS, DCS and DTMF tone control, Echolink operation is supported as well.

Two special features turn the TH-D72E into a perfect companion for travel: the built-in TNC and the built-in GPS antenna (SIRF-III™ chip). With this the radio becomes a very versatile APRS and Packet Radio machine. APRS operation is supported with a huge number of functions. An optional external GPS antenna can be connected as well. The GPS data can be stored in memory, for example to document a hiking trail. A USB interface (the first handheld radio with such a connector!) is used to export the data to a computer. Of course all APRS and Packet Radio functions can be used with an external computer as well. Additionally the TH-D72E can act as a stand-alone Digipeater, without computer.

Operating the TH-D72E is easy, all controls are well arranged. The LC clear dot-matrix display shows the current status. Most functions are accessible with a 4way rocker switch. A full 10-numbers keyboard (backlit keys) offers a lot of additional functions. The supplied 1800mAh LiIon battery offers a long duration. In addition many functions to save power are built-in.

Further features TH-D72E
  • Built-in GPS receiver SIRF-III™
  • Up to 5 target programmable, display of direction and distance to target.
  • GPS logger function, stores up to 5000 waypoints
  • Export of GPS waypoints to KML for Google Earth™ (requires optional software)
  • Connector for external GPS antenna
  • Output of GPS NMEA data sets via serial port
  • Built-in TNC for Packet Radio AX.25 operation
  • APRS Transmitter and Receiver
  • Supports Peet (and other) weather stations for APRS WX beacons
  • Digipeater function
  • USB connector, cable supplied
  • Memories for easy Echolink operation (Call, Node number, Parameters etc.)
  • DTMF tone functions
  • DCS, CTCSS Tone squelch
  • Two receivers on one band (VxV, UxU)
  • Crossband operation possible, also in Packet Radio
  • 1800mAh LiIon rechargeable battery included
  • Charger, antenna, USB cable and belt clip supplied
  • Manuals in 6 languages included (plus CD-ROM)
  • Receiver covers 118-135MHz (AM), 136-173 (NFM), 320-523MHz (NFM)

Included in shipment
  • TH-D72E Radio
  • Battery PB-45L
  • Charger
  • Antenna
  • USB Cable
  • Belt Clip
  • Printed, multilingual manual
  • CD-ROM with comprehensive manual (PDF, english)

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Technical Data
Supported Bands 2m, 70cm
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