Buddistick Tripod


Buddistick Tripod

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The Buddipole Tripod is used to install the Buddistick or other small vertical antennas. The folded size is just 18 cm, so it fits nicely into the canvas bag of the Buddipole or Buddistick antenna. The top us adjustable in any direction, and the legs can be adjusted in any angle, making setup on uneven ground very easy. The antenna can be adjusted to a vertical pistion at any time. The included hook and loop strap is used for transport but also out in the field, ti attach the tripod to a fance post, a tree branch or a hand rail if required. This makes the Buddipole Tripod a very handy tool for antenna installation in the field.

The Buddipole tripod has a ball head with 1/4"-20 UNC thread (standard camera tripod thread). The adapter plate '11420.MKT', which is included in the Buddistick package, fits directly on this ball head, no adapter is needed. For other antennas you might need an adapter. Cameras fit directly on the ball head.

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