GAP Voyager 4 Band Vertical, 20/40/80/160m

Multiband HF vertical antenna for the lower bands, ideal for setup near ground level.
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This is the first antenna manufactured specifically to provide efficient low band operation. Emphasis was given to 160m and 80m when designing the VOYAGER.

Unlike the Challenger, the VOYAGER employs a capacity hat with circular ring to reduce the physical height to 13.5m while maintaining an electrical height of 20 m. A capacity hat is the most efficient way to reduce height, maintain bandwidth and eliminate corona.

The entire band on 80m (!!), 40m and 20m, 90 KHz bandwidth on 160m.

As is the case with the CHALLENGER three insulated counterpoises of 17m are required, the deployment pattern is very flexible - also possible around corners.

Four guy anchor points 7.5m from the base mount are required. The guy brackets and aluminum pivot are supplied but not the guy rope itself.

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Technical Data
Polarisation Vertical
Height [m] 1350 cm
Supported Bands 20m, 40m, 80m, 160m