YP-3 6 Band portable yagi, 3 El. 10/15/20m

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Yagi in a bag': Portable 3 element 6 band Beam for 20, 15, 17, 12, 10 and 6m.

The YP-3 is a portable yagi for operation on shortwave on the bands from 20 to 6m. The 5-part boom ist quickly assembled with snap-on locks, the max. boom length is 3.1m. Mounted to the boom are 3 element holders which receive the elements, mounted with 3/8" threads. The middle element (radiator) has a PL socket, the coax feed is connected directly, without balun.

The elements of the YP-3 consist of 4 part each, also connected by 3/8" threads. In the center of the element coils are installed. The YP-3 includes 12 coils in total, 6 for 20m, 6 for other bands. On 10m and 6m no coils are necessary, the antenna works as a fullsize beam on these bands. The max. element length is 5.6m when operating on 20m.

When changing bands the length of the elements must be adjusted, for 6m also the length of the boom, additionally coils have to be changed on some band changes. The english manual lists all sizes in inch, a steel tape measure marked in ich is included in the shipment.

The entire antenna YP-3 fits into a nylon bag with 90cm length. This ensure an easy and safe transport for the vacation, a fieldday or a small dx-pedition. The supplied mast clamp can be used up to a mast diameter of 42mm. The total weight is 5.8kg.

The design goal of the YP-3 portable yagi was a good compromise between bandwidth and gain. The antenna is useable as a fullsize yagi on the lower portion of the 6 band, and covers 28 to 29MHz on 10m. On both bands a veryy good gain and front/back ratio is achieved.

On 12 and 17m the small coils are used, the antenna covers the entire band with good gain and f/b ratio.

The bands 15 and 20m are much larger, here the YP-3 covers only a part of each band. Therefore there are two settings for CW and SSB segments. On 15m the SWR rises at the band edges, this can be compensated by adjusting the element length or with an antenna tuner. Despite it's small size the YP-3 offers a useable directionality and f/b ratio, better than a dipole at same height.  

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Technical Data
Number of Elements 3
Length [m] 5.6 cm
Supported Bands 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 6m