High pass 30 MHz and WFM broadcast notch filter 87-109 MHz

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It is very easy to build a VHF receiver with a cheap DVB-T dongle. But these sticks have a problem - they usually have no noteworthy filter at the input. Withut such a filter the AD converter will be quickly saturated with unwanted signals and cannot make full use of the possible dynamic range. Our new filter will help in such situations. The highpass and notch filter suppresses all signals below 31 MHz (long, medium and shortwave) as well as all WFM broadcast signals between 87 and 109 MHz. The keeps the receiver input free for the really important signals on VHF.

The pass band segments of this filter are 31-80 MHz and 118 to 1600 MHz. The insertion loss is approx. 1 dB, unwanted signals are suppressed at least by 20 dB on shortwave and at least by 30 dB in the WFM band. This is sufficient to make much better use of the digitization range of the SD converter, leading to a better sensitivity and signal separation of the receiver. The filter has BNC connectors (male, female) and has an impedance of 50 Ω. This filter is suitable for reception only.
Datos Técnicos
Peso [kg] 35.000000
Dimensiones 18 x 34 x 70
Conector A Enchufe BNC
Conector B Casquillo BNC
Banda de paso 31-80 und 118-1600 MHz