OMNI-291 Omni-dir. antenna Allband GSM/UMTS/LTE 1" mount

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The OMNI-291 is an universal antenna for worldwide use for networks like GSM, UMTS/3G or LTE. Due to the very wide frequency range from 450 to 2700 MHz this antenna can be employed for nearly any cellular network provider, no matter where you are in the world. Also furthur extension of the LTE band around 450 MHz can be handled. For LTE routers with two antenna connections two such antennas are required. This antenna is also suitable for WiFi on 2.4 GHz (802.11b, 802.11g). This is very helpful when operating a WiFi extender on board a ship which connects to a land-based WiFi network.

The construction of the OMNI-291 is very robust, the antenna is intended to be used aboard yachts and other seagoing vessels. The base of the antenna is equipped with a standard 1" thread, so you can use any normal 1" marine mounting system. Further the antenna is coated against saltwater spray and UV radiation. The connector is an industry standard N type socket, a cable of the required length must be ordered separately.