filtro Linearessa-banda set 160-10m remote-controlled

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Descrizione del prodotto
This 6-way band filter was developed for contest stations which require a comfortable remote control, but ca be helpful at the station at home as well. It consists of a box with 6 switchable band pass filters and a remote control box. The six band filters are designed for the traditional contest bands 160, 80, 40 ,20 15 and 10m. The remote control box is connected with a DB9 cable to the filter box. The small control unit is positioned conveniently close to the operator while the filterbox can be installed anywhere near the amplifiers or antenna outlets. The solid box is made from coated aluminium and uses PL (SO-239) sockets.

Each device is shipped with an individual measurement protcol for each filter which shows insertion loss (S21), return loss attenuation (S11), frequency response an VSWR. The max. power load is 200W CW 'key down'. The fitlers suppress the second harmonix frequency by about 80 db. A control cable is not supplied. You can use any 8 wire cable and supply a 12V signal to the filter box (1 of 7). The length of the control cable is not limited as long as the voltage is around 12V.