RF Explorer

RF Explorer analizzatore di spettro 50kHz-1000MHz

RF Explorer analizzatore di spettro 50kHz-1000MHz

RF Explorer
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The RF Explorer is a portable spectrum analyzer. The LC display with background light shows a section of the radio spectrum and the receivable signals. Signal strength is shown in dBm or dBµV. This way you can see available signals on chosen frequency range at a glance. This makes the RF Explorer a very useful measurement instrument as well a fast working bug hunter to find hidden transmitters easily.

The RF Explorer has a frequency range from 15 to 2700 Mhz covering all important radio ranges that are used for surveillance cameras, mini transmitters, WLAN, emergency services radio and many others. Two different antenna inputs for various frequency ranges allow for the use of specially adapted antennas that make the RF Explorer even more sensitive. Minimal sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer is -115dBm. A marker on the LC display indicates the level of the strongest signal automatically.

Center frequency and displayed spectrum are easily adjusted in the menu, as well which antenna input to use. The display can memorize and display received maximum values. This means you can leave the receiver unattended for a while and check later if a signal was received. A special Wifi mode allows for detailed monitoring of channels on 2.4Ghz WLAN.

The USB port of the RF Explorer is used to charge the internal Li-Ion battery (1000mAh) and to transfer data to a PC or MAC computer. With the help of freely available software the received signal spectrum can be displayed on the computer and saved for documentary purposes. The Software is open source, the USB port transfer protocol is documented, too. This makes the RF Explorer very open and perfect for hackers and hobbyists, who want to implement their own ideas. Also, firmware updates are applied via USB. The USB-Cable

is not included.

Shipment RF Explorer

-RF Explorer spectrum analyzer

-broadband telescopic equipment antennas

-helical antenna for 2.4GHz

-User manual (english)

-protective bag
Dati tecnici
Peso [kg] 0.25 kgs
Noise Floor -125 dBm typ.
Dynamic Range (dB) -125 - +10 dBm typ.
Freq Range [MHz] 0.05 - 960
Input Power dBm +5 dBm
Precision (Level) (dB) typ. +- 2 dBm
Frequency Resolution (kHz) 1 kHz
Precision (Frequenz) typ. +- 10 ppm
Impedance (Ω) 50
Size W x H x D 113 x 70 x 25 mm


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