MFJ-849 SWR/wattmetro digitale 1,6-60/125-525MHz

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Descrizione del prodotto
SWR measuring bridge with two sensors and digital readout.

The MFJ-849 instrument is equally suitable for short wave and VHF/UHF (2m, 70cm). It has two switchable sensors and two connectors (PL) each for shortwave and V/UHF. So you can keep both transmitters connected at the same time and don't have to change cables all the time. The KW range goes from 1 to 60 MHz, the V/UHF range from 125 to 525 MHz. The large and easy to read display is an LC type with 3.5" diagonal and orange backlight.

The maximum power handling of the MFJ-849 is 200W, with an accuracy of ±5%. The input power (Fwd), the reflected power (Ref) and the SWR are displayed simultaneously. The minimum transmit power for SWR measurement is 1W. All RF connections are PL sockets (SO239). A power supply cable (12V DC) is included. The dimensions are 140 x 84 x 122 mm, the weight of the MFJ-849 is 750 g.